OneColo FAQ

What is Cloud Infrastructure?

Cloud infrastructure is a collective term for server hardware, storage resources, networking equipment, and application software, which are all used to build cloud-based applications. The hardware and software components of cloud infrastructure ensure a seamless implementation of a cloud computing model for an organization.

While maintaining your cloud infrastructure may be costly, IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) serves as a way to reduce this burden. For many small-scale businesses that are looking to cut out the cost of IT infrastructure, this is one proven, viable means of doing so. Every year, lots of cash would otherwise be put into purchasing and buying new components such as hard drives, network connections, external storage devices; etc. when utilizing IaaS, all of this is bypassed!

Why Your Business Needs to Move to the Cloud

Cost Savings

Establishing and running a data center is expensive. When you shift to cloud computing, you will only pay for the services procured.

Expertise and Security

Hiring experts enable you to focus on core business goals and competencies. Website and customer data protection should be the top priority.

Round the Clock Support

Every business which is online faces network-related issues, load problems or sluggishness, hardware failures, server failures, and other software issues which spin your head and consume your time.

Agility, Flexibility and Scalability

Cloud computing also offers far more flexibility and agility compared to past computing methods. Your employees will no longer be tethered to their desks and will be able to access files and data from wherever they are, 24 hours a day.


With OneColo's flexible options we can provide 1U rack space up to fully customizable cages, cabinets, and servers, we’re here to provide you with the scalable solutions to meet your growing business.

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