OneColo FAQ

What is a Linux Server?

What differentiates a Linux server operating system from a general Linux distribution? Consider server hardware. Servers are essentially computers with specialized specifications. For instance, server hardware ensures maximum uptime, efficiency, and security. Additionally, servers balance computing power with power consumption. Similarly, Linux server operating systems prioritize security and resource consumption.

A Linux server operating system serves content to client devices. Accordingly, server operating systems feature tools for simple server creation. Because servers commonly run headless, the graphical user interface (GUI) in a Linux server operating system remains less important.

Uses of a Linux Server

Website Hosting

By far the most popular use of a Linux server is to use it for hosting websites. A Linux server is necessary if you have a large intensive website and millions of website visitors each week.

Game Server

Are you a game lover? Great..! You can build your own private multi-player game server for yourself. Lots of games like Minecraft, Terraria support to build our own private game servers.

Mail Server

Email is perhaps the heaviest and most-required network service in use so you could easily ease the burden on your main server by delegating this task to an dedicated server.

Storing Data

Disk space is cheap, and getting cheaper every year. You can buy a 4tb drive for around $60 at the time of this writing. To buy the equivalent amount of storage online, you'd have to pay more over time.

Monitoring Server

You want to keep an eye on your network and its performance but chances are you’re using monitoring software that’s installed on a server or domain controller that has another primary function.

Help Find a Cure for Cancer

If you’ve got spare processing power, science could use your help in helping crunch the vast amount of data needed to further our research into finding cures for diseases like AIDS and cancer.


With OneColo's flexible options we can provide 1U rack space up to fully customizable cages, cabinets, and servers, we’re here to provide you with the scalable solutions to meet your growing business.

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