OneColo FAQ

What is a Data Center?

A data center is a physical facility or area devoted to the housing of computer systems and resources, such as storage systems, applications, and data, that businesses use.

A data center has numerous key components, including different types of routers, switches, storage systems, servers, and application delivery controllers. These components when installed provide storage infrastructure and network infrastructure, helping drive applications.

Types of Data Centers

Colocation Data Center

A colocation data center is a large facility that rents out rack space to businesses for their servers and other network devices.

Enterprise Data Centers

Typically constructed and used by a single organization for their own internal purposes. These are common among tech giants.

Cloud Data Center

With a cloud data center, the actual hardware is run and managed by the cloud company, often with the help of a 3rd party managed services provider.

Managed Data Center

Offer aspects such as data storage, computing, and other services as a third party, serving customers directly.


With OneColo's flexible options we can provide 1U rack space up to fully customizable cages, cabinets, and servers, we’re here to provide you with the scalable solutions to meet your growing business.

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