OneColo FAQ

What is a Cloud Server?

A cloud server, sometimes known as a virtual server or a private server, is a virtual compute server hosted on the internet and can be remotely accessed by users over the network. Like a traditional physical server in a data center, a cloud server provides computational and storage functions that support the same operating systems and applications and retains similar performance features.

This approach is known as the infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) model. Organizations that employ IaaS don’t have to own and manage their own hardware; they can provision it from third parties that provide resources on demand via a public cloud. A common cloud server example is using a public cloud for temporary, seasonal or variable workloads that must be scaled up quickly as the need arises.

How are Cloud Services Used?

Affordable Development

Using cloud servers managed by third-party providers is far less expensive for a company than purchasing and maintaining their own infrastructure. Companies benefit from economies of scale when sharing server resources with others.

Web Hosting

Organizations often use Cloud Services for web hosting so they can balance the traffic load across multiple servers and scale up and down quickly and automatically as traffic fluctuates. The ability to provision and implement automatic scaling simplifies the whole process and takes out much of the administrative input and maintenance required.

Cloud Storage

You can store data and files in the cloud, making them available everywhere you want to whomever you want. This is especially helpful as employees and contractors work from home during health-related shutdowns.

Hybrid cloud and Multi-Cloud

Most serious environments, especially in well-established businesses, still need to access on-premises resources like files or services. With a hybrid cloud model, you can allow cloud resources secure access to your on-premises servers through, for example, a virtual network. This makes the cloud an extension of your on-premises systems.


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