OneColo FAQ

What is a Bare Metal Server

Bare metal is a single-tenant server. This means only you are taking the resources of the server. The server belongs to you and you only. Compared to the cloud model where multiple users (multi-tenancy) reside on the same physical server, the bare metal server only has one customer on the server.

Bare metal virtualization offers an uncompromising experience. Resources are more readily available, network latency is minimized for better performance, and the tenant enjoys root access. Bare metal is highly customizable, and the tenant may optimize the server based on their individual needs.

Why use a Bare Metal Server

Performance You Can Count On

One can easily optimize the server according to its unique workloads requirement. So it can provide the performance that you are always looking for.

Top-Notch Security

Use a bare metal server to isolate your data, applications, and other resources to accomplish a higher level of privacy and security than any other hosting service.

Consistent Reliability

Avoid the “noisy neighbor effect” as you aren’t sharing server resources with other tenants as with a hypervisor server.

Flexible Scalability

While not as elastic as cloud platforms, bare metal servers are scalable enough for most workloads.

Valuable Services

Most data centers also offer services that are very valuable to IT teams. Examples include guaranteed uptime, 24/7 support.

Large Workloads

Great price-performance combined with enhanced flexibility and many other factors make Bare Metal server ideal for larger workloads.


With OneColo's flexible options we can provide 1U rack space up to fully customizable cages, cabinets, and servers, we’re here to provide you with the scalable solutions to meet your growing business.

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