What is High Availability

HA systems are used in situations and industries where it is critical the system remains operational. Real-world high-availability systems include military control, autonomous vehicle, industrial and healthcare systems. People's lives depend on these systems being available and functioning at all times. For example, if the system operating an autonomous vehicle fails to function when the vehicle is in operation, it could cause an accident, endangering its passengers, other drivers and vehicles, pedestrians and property.


Why High Availability?

Automatic Failover

With the server, storage, and networking hardware being off-site at the provider’s location, there are no capital investments that need to be made, maintenance costs incurred, or wasted office space used to store the equipment.

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No Single Points of Failure

When building a high availability system, IT professionals need to keep these components in mind. They can then consider ways to prevent failure in this component, and they may prepare for ways to react quickly in case the system fails.

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Increased Reliability

With VPS hosting, you have increased reliability and stability compared to shared hosting. In most cases, very few servers are hosted on a single node. This helps to ensure performance and uptime.

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Good Flexibility

Every organization is different and has varying computing requirements as well as ever-changing needs. IaaS enables an organization to choose the computing power and storage capacity that is right for them.

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Custer Structure

A cluster structure is an important part of a high availability system. All essential components have clusters, which are when multiple computers or servers perform the same function.

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Data security

By constantly keeping your applications and systems up and running, you can also ensure that business-critical data is not unauthorized accessed or stolen.

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