Internet Connectivity

Choose from 6 Transit Providers.

Redundant Power

Generator, UPS, and A/C

Multi-Tiered Security

Dual Factor Authenitcation


OneColo provides comprehensive data center solutions to the Tampa Bay area, for clients of all sizes. From a single cabinet to a megawatt or more of data center capacity, which enables you to deliver a high level of business efficiency, while reducing costs and increasing your opportunity to achieve business growth. We will strive to provide the ultimate user experience and help you achieve your goals.


  • Carrier Neutral Cross-connects
  • Redundant Network N+1
  • Redundant Power N+1
  • Remote hands Support Services
  • 24" raised floor
  • VESDA early warning detection
  • Pre-action dry pipe sprinkler system
  • 24/7/365 Secure Facility Access
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Dual diverse fiber entrance facilities
  • Biometric scanners and badge readers
  • Copper and fiber optic cross connects


100% uptime provided by 2 power feeds from different sub stations and diesel backup generators giving an N+1 configuration. Minimum two fuel replenishing companies.

Carrier Neutral

Carrier Neutral means you aren't tied to a single company. You can work out work our your own contract with the ISP or use ours.

Fire Detection and Suppression

VESDA provides early warning detection. Pre-Action system utilizes two detection methods; one ionized and one photo electric detector interlocked with the dry pipe sprinkler system.

Cooling System

The facilities intricate cooling system is an N+1 configuration. Temperature and humidity managed to strict ASHRAE standard. 4,400 Tons of cooling capacity.


A centralized global security operations center that monitors all OneColo's data centers, provides multiple challenge points throughout and grants permissions-based access to all data center areas. Each data center supports hundreds of external and internal video surveillance cameras. Standard cages and cabinets are outfitted with locking mechanisms.


Energy Star Certified for energy sustainability. Located in the heart of Tampa, FL